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WEEK COMMENCING: Sunday 28th November 2021


We believe ST PATRICK’S PARISH exists to promote THE KINGDOM OF GOD revealed in THE TRINITARIAN RELATIONSHIP OF THE DIVINITY in which we participate by adoption through BAPTISM and are sustained through GRACE and THE SACRAMENTS.

We live our Mission by promoting our Trinitarian life in the following ways:



Rev. Canon Gregory Grant
Parish Priest

Rev. Denis Deasey

Rev. Rob Easton

Mrs Amelia Dunford
Pastoral Assistant

Mrs Tracy McNama
Parish Secretary

Mrs Fiona Bradley
Parish Treasurer




Sunday 28th November

1st Sunday of Advent

8.30am 10.00am 




Holy Souls

Jean & Harry Easton (RIP)

Aleykutty Kurian (RIP)

Inurnment Ceremony

Hungarian Mass


Rob & Kath Easton

Dona Jiji & Family

29th November


Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 30th November


Marie Grant

Wednesday 1st December


School Mass Years 5 & 6  Offered for the School community

Thursday 2nd December


Peter Bradley

Friday 3rd December

9.00am    7.30pm

V C Joseph (RIP)

George Kalathara

Saturday 4th December


Sick of the Parish

Sunday 5th December  – 2nd Sunday of Advent





Tafara Tamara Chinamora (Birthday Thanksgiving) Kalathara Family (Thanksgiving)


Agnes Hughes

Chinamora Family Kalathara Family


Philomena Olver

BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE Please prayer for the following who are in the Book of Remembrance for December: Con Kennedy, Michael Beck, Jack King, Edward Hogan, Carol Jenkins, Terence Barry, Hilda & William Davies, Nellie & Arthur Pearce, Peter Hunt, Charles Pibworth, Karl Randles, Ann & Nelson Driscoll, Ellen & Michael Comerford, Tom Lynch, Geoffrey Preston, Joyce Holbrook, Dorothy Richards, Vera Shapcott, Dennis Parker, Sister Marilyn, Nellie Morgan, Edith Moore, George Haskins, Molly Foley, Arthur Robbins, Catherine Groves, Leon Figurski, Rita Phillips, Ivan Plettell, The Salvatorian Sisters, Harry McEntee, Hilda Deacon, The Dee, Richards, Cosgrove, Haberbosch, Reutens, James, Haynes,  Pritchard and McCarthy Families, Myra & Tom Jennings, Peter Bradley, Emmet Locke, Brumby Family, Stephen Nosi, Johanna Nosi, Mary Joyce, Marie Grant, Joan King, Neil Hunter, Stephen Wren, Alison Paskell, Leslie Nelson, William Commons, Christine Hale, Nancy & Jim Gibbons, Matthew O’Leary, Ron Stone, Clarice & Walter Blackford, Mary Davies, Rosemary Walker, Antonietta Lagana, Jenny Rose, Ellen Morgan, Nkechi Okeke.


TODAY IS THE FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT when we start preparations to celebrate the arrival of the Lord into the world.  The first candle on the Advent wreath will be lit as this beautiful season begins. It is such a busy time of the year but also a chance to reflect on the true meaning and beauty of the Christmas festival. In today’s Gospel, Christ tells us to be vigilant, to watch and wait so as not to be taken by surprise.

St James of the Marche: Today is the feast day of St James of the Marche who was born in Italy in 1394 near the Adriatic Sea. He is described as one of the fathers of the modern pawnshop! To help poor people paying high interest rates, he established Montes Pietatis – literally mountains of charity – non-profit credit organisations that lent money very cheaply on pawned objects.

St Andrew: On Tuesday, we celebrate the feast day of St Andrew, the brother of St Peter and the patron saint of Scotland. It was he who spoke up about the boy who had the barley loaves and fishes at the Sermon on The Mount.

NOVEMBER: THE MONTH OF THE HOLY SOULS In the third century, over 1700 years ago St Cyprian wrote:

“We look upon Paradise as our country, and a great crowd of our loved ones awaits us there, a countless throng of parents, brothers and children long for us to form them.  Assured though they are of their own salvation, they are still concerned about ours.  What joy both for them and for us to see one another and embrace!”

As we conclude the month of Holy Souls we thank God for the hope it gives us of being re-united with our loved ones.


INURNMENT CEREMONY  Today at 10am Mass, there will be an Inurnment Ceremony for those who have died during the COVID lockdown and are being laid to rest in our Columbarium. Family and friends of Pat Uren, Geoff Rooker, Teresa Clay and Betty Batt will be present at the Mass and we look forward to welcoming them for this special ceremony.

HUNGARIAN MASS A Mass in Hungarian will be celebrated today at 3pm by Father Tibor Szende. During the Mass, Ba’lint Attila Pinte’r will be baptised.

THANK YOU The Hunter and Holland families wish to thank all those who sent messages of sympathy, Mass Cards and attended the funeral of their mother Helen Hunter. God Bless you all.

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK: Bernadette Newton, Sister Biddy, Irene Agidee, Maureen Ryan, Gracy Mathew, Marian Mulcahy, Rosy Joseph, Fergal Treanor, Martin Maguire, Jim Brooks, Deacon Denis Deasey, Ann Deasey, Lucy Wahinya,  Patrick Smith, Deacon Rob, Mick Lewis, Louise Maddalena, Mary Dias, Graham Parker, Father Michael Derrick D’Mello, Canon Anthony Harding, Alfred Chojnackie, Elinor Agius, John Caherty, Paula Delves,  Joan Ellis, Maciej Kauczynski, Cesar Coutinho-Pontes, James Brown, John Olver, Hellena Irenna Boucher, Diane Coles, Guy Herbert, Nick Trim, Casey Davies, Terry Coggins, Peter Auret, Sister Maria. Please inform the parish office when your relative is well again.

SATURDAY EVENING MASS Following the Bishop’s Conference letter last week, St Patrick’s WILL NOT be resuming Saturday evening Mass until further notice.

  1. Sunday Mass attendance is encouraged.

  2. It is not obligatory.

  3. Those who do other activities in crowds e.g. shopping, holidays, visits to pubs and restaurants are especially asked to examine their conscience if they are choosing not to come to Mass.

AWESOME WONDER Printed in full in this week’s bulletin is an article by Rebecca Bradley on devotion to The Eucharist which has been circulated worldwide via Shalom Media. You can watch Rebecca’s interview by visiting the Shalom “ADORE”  series of programmes by going to

PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS This year, Christmas will be on a Saturday. The parish has prepared the following diary for Advent and Christmas:

Sunday 28th November – First Sunday of Advent

Mass in Hungarian Language – 3.00pm

Penitential Mass

There will be a Penitential Mass on Sunday 12th December at 6.00pm. Father Eugene will be attending.


Friday 24th – Christmas Eve

6.00pm – Family Mass – Music Group

7.30pm – Mass in Portuguese Language

10.00pm – Vigil Mass – Choir

Saturday 25th – Christmas Day

10.00am – Parish Mass – Organ

Sunday 26th – Boxing Day

8.30am – Mass – Organ

10.00am Mass – Pan African Choir

The Christmas collection is an opportunity to express your appreciation to Canon Gregory.


PAN AFRICAN COMMUNITY(1) The Pan Africian Community would like to invite all parishioners to their end of year family get together on 11th December at 12 noon in the Brooks Hall.  Free African food  and drinks will be provided.  (2) The Pan African Choir is singing on Sunday 26th December, The Feast of the Holy Family,  at the 10.00am Mass.


Sunday 3rd October – Margaret Nooney, Mary Kearney-Knowles, Jismon Jose, B & S Farrell, Marilyn Haskins.   Sunday 10th October – S & L Peck, Mannie Mulholland, Marie Howie, C C Cleaning (Neil), Cordelia Kirkham.  Sunday 17th October – Chris Howie, S & L Peck, Cordelia Kirkham, Margaret Nooney, Donald Spiers.  Sunday 24th October – Donald Spiers, F & S & V Allan, Charlie Williams, Sally Page, Katrina Long. Sunday 31st October – Andrew Lee, Sarah Box, Liz Hewitt, Edward Jaworski, Claire Coetzee.

WOMEN’S GROUP (1 )  The Women’s  Group December meeting takes place in the Shore Gallery this Wednesday 1st December at 7.30pm.  It will be an early Christmas Party.  They have hired Bonner and Blake a duo who will provide a variety of comedy songs to get into the festive season mood and will enjoy a buffet supper provided by Hannah Green’s A.H.M. Catering Company. Contact Amelia if you wish to join.

(2) On Friday 17th December 22 members of the Group are dining in The Lock Up for their Christmas meal in the private dining in the upstairs part of the restaurant. They will dress up in their “Christmassy” outfits and enjoy a good old sing song etc.

TEA AND COFFEE Tea, coffee and cake are served in The Shore Gallery after 8.30am and 10am Masses on Sundays. This is a popular event and a wonderful opportunity to participate in church fellowship. This week, we thank The African Community for being our hosts.


SCHOOL NEWS  (1) St Patrick’s School is conducting short School Tours as part of their open evenings.  If you are interested in your child attending the school the dates are 6th December, 10th January. They are all from 3.30 – 4.15pm.  (2) St Patrick’s School has vacancies in some of their Year groups. If you know of any children that would like to join the school, there are 2 places in Reception, 1 place in Year 2 and 1 place in Year 3.  Please contact the school if you are interested.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2022 Enrolment for next year’s First Holy Communion will be in January 2022. The programme will start in March and The First Holy Communion will be in June. Further details and dates will be published after Christmas.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION Next year in 2022, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in St Patrick’s. The date is Tuesday 17th May. Preparation will take place from March until May. Candidates must be in Secondary School or older. Enrolment forms will be available in the New Year.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY  The Children’s Liturgy at 10am Mass has now resumed in The Shore Gallery. Children aged 3 to 8 are welcome to go downstairs for their lesson during Mass. Today, the co-ordinator, Christine Latham will speak at Mass.

SYNOD 2023

THE SYNOD Pope Francis has called a Synod for 2023 to discuss how the church can work with Synodality. Synodality is about introducing new ways of working. Currently, the church is very hierarchical and decisions are made  “Top Down”. The “Bosses” decide and everyone carries out their decisions. Working in Synodality means being more collaborative, working together, making decisions and implementing practises in an entirely different way. It all sounds theoretical but it could alter the way we think about Women Priests, Married Priests, Sacramental Worship, how parishes operate etc. There is a one year reparation programme for The Synod in 2023 and every parish is asked to respond.

“Bishop Declan is keen that every parish and religious community be involved in the synodal process on synodality to which Pope Francis is calling us. The synodal process in Clifton is very much a part of how we move forward as a diocese. 


SYNOD VOLUNTEERS  We are very grateful the the following volunteers who are representing our parish  Pauline Humphrey, Bex and Munashe Musarurwa, Jo Deasey, John Bradley, Laura Ashurst, Jeffin Jose.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the laity to be involved in decisions on the future of the church regarding Women Priests, Married Priests and Sacramental Worship.

DIOCESAN DIRECTORY AND LITURGICAL DIARY The Diocesan Directory and Liturgical Diaries are now available to purchase in the narthex.  The directory is £5 and the Diary is £6.50.


CAFOD GIFTS Many people substitute giving a gift to a loved one at Christmas by making a donation to a good cause in the name of their friend or relation and informing them a gift has been made on their behalf. CAFOD has a wide range of “GIFTS” for you to personalise in the name of another. They range from £4 upwards. Their gift catalogue is available in the Narthex. Please take a copy.

THE SHORE GALLERY AND BROOKS HALL HIRE CHARGES  The parish halls are rented out at £200 per day to include all of the kitchen, crockery, cutlery and glassware. There is a discount of 50% (i.e. £100 a day) for parishioners who have been registered on the parish register for more than six months and who have a regular direct debit/standing order or membership of the offertory scheme.

SECOND COLLECTIONS ON SUNDAY The Diocese asks us to take about 20 second collections a year for a variety of different causes and projects – eg CAFOD, Education, Youth, Priests Training, Priest Retirement, Cathedral Maintenance, Foreign Missions etc. etc. In future, we will publish the monthly second collections in advance so that people can consider how to support these good causes. There will no longer be a second collection every week as you leave the church. There will only be a second collection about 20 times a year.

GLASTONBURY PROJECT  The PG Group and The Grant Bradley Trust have employed three new staff, all parishioners of St Patricks, to explore how to increase devotion to Our Lady of Glastonbury.  This new team, Stewart Fraser, Donald Antony and Emmanuel Edmund are working full time from a new designated office in the presbytery of St Patrick’s.

PARISH INCOME: THE OFFERTORY COLLECTION is taken during both 8.30am and 10.00am Sunday Masses. Please give generously.

OFFERTORY COLLECTION COUNTERS The Collection Counters were reinstated from the first week of October.  We welcome new Counters.  If you feel you can make this commitment for approximately 1 hour on (a)  Sunday after 10am Mass or (b) Sunday afternoon around 4pm or 5pm once a month please contact Fiona Bradley on

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT SYSTEM IN CHURCH We have two “Dona” machines in the narthex for contactless payment. If you are able to get to church, contactless payment is a secure method of paying. Your contactless payment goes directly to The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust (Reg no. 1093331) who donate £3,000 each month for the running of St. Patrick’s Parish and £2000 a month donation to St Patrick’s School. These machines raised £483 on the gate at the Fireworks night. You can also donate by visiting our Dona page at:

FATHER JEROME IN NIGERIA  Our parish is committed to supporting Father Jerome’s parish with a gift of £1000 every three months (£4000 a year). He regularly writes to express his and his parishioners appreciation for our support.



EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS                                                                        READERS
8.30am             Deacon Denis, Bridget Hemmings                               Helen Jones, Rex Hammond
10.00am           Pauline & Mark Humphrey                                             Teresa Smaka, Fiona Bradley
Bidding Prayers            Helen Jones
8.30am          Trish Godfrey, Jan Lewis
10.00am       Munashe & Rebecca Musarurwa
Church Cleaners:  Team One:  Kay, Terry, Ron, Sarah, Helen 
Offertory Counters: TBC
Refreshments in Shore Gallery: Indian Community
Children’s Liturgy:   No Children’s Liturgy Today
DAY               TIME                                                                   OPERATOR(S)
Monday           9.00am                            Terry Coggins/Stewart Fraser – alt. weeks
Tuesday           7.30pm                                               Jobin
Wednesday     9.00am                                              Stewart Fraser
Thursday         9.00am                                              Sister Leena Mary
Friday              12 noon                                              Hudson
Friday              7.30 pm – Brazilian Mass               Hudson
Saturday         9.00am                                              Jobin/Jeffin
Sunday            10.00am                                            Jismon