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WEEK COMMENCING: Sunday 14th November 2021


We believe ST PATRICK’S PARISH exists to promote THE KINGDOM OF GOD revealed in THE TRINITARIAN RELATIONSHIP OF THE DIVINITY in which we participate by adoption through BAPTISM and are sustained through GRACE and THE SACRAMENTS.

We live our Mission by promoting our Trinitarian life in the following ways:



Rev. Canon Gregory Grant
Parish Priest

Rev. Denis Deasey

Rev. Rob Easton

Mrs Amelia Dunford
Pastoral Assistant

Mrs Tracy McNama
Parish Secretary

Mrs Fiona Bradley
Parish Treasurer



Sunday 14th November




For those who gave their lives in service for our country

Alexander Family

15th November


Eucharistic Service

Tuesday 16th November



Maurice Stack and family (P/Int)

Christine Latham

Timmy and Angela Loughlin

Wednesday 17th November


Living Rosary Group Intentions

Thursday 18th November


Requiem Mass for Helen Hunter

Friday 19th November

12 noon                                 7.30pm

Lionel Harrison (Anniv)

Richard Ryan (RIP)

Brazilian Mass in Portuguese

Tracy McNama

The Ryan Family

Saturday 20th November


People of the Parish

Sunday 21st November  – Feast of Christ the King


Holy Souls

Kuruvilla Chacko (Anniv)

Agnes Hughes (RIP)


Jose Kuruvilla

& Family

Margaret Nooney

THIRTY THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME  Today is Remembrance Sunday and World Day of the Poor.

This week (Tuesday), we celebrate the feast day of St Margaret of Scotland – a truly liberated woman in the sense that she was free to be herself, to love God and serve others. Her family fled from William the Conqueror and was shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland. King Malcolm befriended them and fell in love with Margaret, who was a virtuous woman. They married in 1070 and had six sons and two daughters.

There are two ways to be charitable: the “clean way” and the “messy way.” The “clean way” is to give money or clothing to organisations serving the poor. The “messy way” is dirtying your own hands in personal service. Margaret’s outstanding virtue was her love of the poor. She and her husband served the poor on their knees during Advent and Lent. Like Christ, she was charitable the “messy way.”


Today is Remembrance Sunday when we honour the sacrifice of all those who gave their lives in all wars and conflicts. We remember and pray for the Armed Forces and their families, from Britain and the Commonwealth, the emergency services and those who have lost their lives as a result of conflict or terrorism. At the 10am Mass, we will welcome L. Corporal Rachel Bradley, who will take part in the Remembrance procession, and The Bristol East and Kingswood Band, who will accompany the choir on this significant annual occasion.

Poppies were a common sight on the battlefields of WWI in France and so artificial poppies have been sold since 1921 to raise money for ex-servicemen. This year marks the Hundredth anniversary of the Royal British Legion. Poppies are available in the narthex. Please give generously to The British Legion’s Poppy Appeal this year.


ST PATRICK’S BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE St Patrick’s Book of Remembrance will soon be updated for January to June 2022. The book will be taken to the calligrapher in the last week of November. If you wish to remember a loved one in this way, please collect an order form, available for the narthex or on the Book of Remembrance display cabinet at the back of the church, and return to the parish office.

NOVEMBER – THE MONTH OF HOLY SOULS Throughout November, we pray especially for all those who have died. Amongst our family, friends and fellow parishioners, we remember their intentions at Mass. We pray for those who have no one to pray for them. The deceased are known as The Holy Souls. We remember that not only do we pray for all those who have died but they pray for us and so many positive things happen in our lives because of the prayers of The Holy Souls.

WELCOME TO CANON MICHAEL  Canon Michael Fitzpatrick, retired and living in Holy family parish, will be celebrating both Masses today. We look forward to his visit to our parish. We hope Canon Gregory enjoys his week away.

WATCHING MASS FROM HOME You can continue to join our livestreamed Mass each weekday, Saturdays at 9.00am and Sundays at 10.00am by going to: or you can now also tune in on You Tube at: All Masses are livestreamed EXCEPT 8.30am on Sunday.

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK: Bernadette Newton, Sister Biddy, Irene Agidee, Maureen Ryan, Gracy Mathew, Marian Mulcahy, Rosy Joseph, Fergal Treanor, Martin Maguire, Jim Brooks, Deacon Denis Deasey, Ann Deasey, Lucy Wahinya,  Patrick Smith, Deacon Rob, Mick Lewis, Louise Maddalena, Mary Dias, Graham Parker, Father Michael Derrick D’Mello, Canon Anthony Harding, Alfred Chojnackie, Elinor Agius, John Caherty, Paula Delves,  Joan Ellis, Maciej Kauczynski, Cesar Coutinho-Pontes, James Brown, Veronica Nolan, John Olver, Hellena Irenna Boucher, Diane Coles, Guy Herbert, Nick Trim, Casey Davies. Please inform the parish office when your relative is well again.

REST IN PEACE  1) Please pray for Helen Hunter whose Requiem Mass will take place on Thursday 18th November at 11.30am. Following the cremation service at Westerleigh, the family have arranged a reception in The Shore Gallery. All welcome. 2)Please pray for Agnes Hughes who died during the week. Agnes was a long-standing parishioner who was a member of the PTA, women’s skittles team, charity shop volunteer and church cleaner. We offer our prayers and sympathy to her sons, Christopher and Gregory and family.

HUNGARIAN MASS  will be celebrated on Sunday 28th November at 3pm by Father Tibor Szende.

MASS IN PORTUGUESE  The Friday evening Brazilian Mass in Portuguese will be livestreamed each week at 7.30pm.


FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT  On Sunday 28th November, we begin the four week preparation for Christmas.  On this Sunday The Bishops of England and Wales are reinstating THE OBLIGATION TO ATTEND MASS ON SUNDAY. Please start to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually to reconnect with Sunday Mass in this personal and committed way.  It is wonderful to have so many people watching and participating in Mass through the webcam, however Christianity is about building COMMUNITIES and this requires our personal interaction with other members of the congregation.  Fortunately Mass will still be livestreamed and people can still participate spiritually in the liturgy and worship of St Patrick’s.

SATURDAY EVENING MASS This weekly Mass recommences on Saturday 27th November at 6.30pm. The Mass will be preceded each week from 5.45 – 6.15pm with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, The Rosary and Devotions.


300 CLUB WINNERS   Sunday 3rd October – Margaret Nooney, Mary Kearney-Knowles, Jismon Jose, B & S Farrell, Marilyn Haskins.   Sunday 10th October – S & L Peck, Mannie Mulholland, Marie Howie, C C Cleaning (Neil), Cordelia Kirkham.  Sunday 17th October – Chris Howie, S & L Peck, Cordelia Kirkham, Margaret Nooney, Donald Spiers.  Sunday 24th October – Donald Spiers, F & S & V Allan, Charlie Williams, Sally Page, Katrina Long. Sunday 31st October – Andrew Lee, Sarah Box, Liz Hewitt, Edward Jaworski, Claire Coetzee.

TUESDAY MORNING VOLUNTEER  If you have a few hours to spare on a Tuesday morning the parish office would be very glad of a regular volunteer to help out between 9am – 12pm. If you are interested please contact Tracy or Amelia in the parish office.


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2022 Enrolment for next year’s First Holy Communion will be in January 2022. The programme will start in March and The First Holy Communion will be in June. Further details and dates will be published after Christmas.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY  The Children’s Liturgy at 10am Mass has now resumed in The Shore Gallery. Children aged 3 to 8 are welcome to go downstairs for their lesson during Mass.

SCHOOL NEWS  (1) St Patricks School is conducting short School Tours as part of their open evenings.  If you are interested in your child attending the school the dates are 15th November, 6th December, 10th January. They are all from 3.30 – 4.15pm.  (2) St Patrick’s school has vacancies in some of their Year groups. If you know of any children that would like to join the school, there are 2 places in Reception, 1 place in Year 2 and 1 place in Year 3.  Please contact the school if you are interested.

BAPTISM TALKS   The next Baptismal talk will be today at 11am after the Remembrance Mass, in the Chapel of the Resurrection.

SYNOD 2023

THE SYNOD Pope Francis has called a Synod for 2023 to discuss how the church can work with Synodality. Synodality is about introducing new ways of working. Currently, the church is very hierarchical and decisions are made  “Top Down”. The “Bosses” decide and everyone carries out their decisions. Working in Synodality means being more collaborative, working together, making decisions and implementing practises in an entirely different way. It all sounds theoretical but it could alter the way we think about Women Priests, Married Priests, Sacramental Worship, how parishes operate etc. There is a one year reparation programme for The Synod in 2023 and every parish is asked to respond to the following request for representatives.

“Bishop Declan is keen that every parish and religious community be involved in the synodal process on synodality to which Pope Francis is calling us. Please can we, gently, encourage you to identify people who will represent your community and work with you to provide the best possible experience for your people. The synodal process in Clifton is very much a part of how we move forward as a diocese. For ease we attach some guidelines which may help you in choosing your delegates.

Thank you to those of you who have already responded with names of people from your parish. We are most grateful.

If you haven’t sent in any names yet, please can we ask you to do this so that we can invite them to the preparation day on Saturday 20th November. Bishop Declan and Fr. Jan Nowotnik from the Bishop’s Conference will both attend the day. Lunch for all those attending will be provided. For catering purposes please can you send us the names of your delegates by Friday 12th November at the latest. If you also plan to attend please add your name to the list – you will be most welcome.”

SYNOD VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY REQUIRED We currently have one Synod Volunteer to represent our parish. The Diocese are asking for 4-6 volunteers per parish to come forward. We urgently need more volunteers to take this important role up to represent our parish and influence the future direction of the Catholic church. We encourage more people to come forward to take part in this Synod and put forward ways in which we may be able to influence decisions on the future of the church regarding Women Priests, Married Priests and Sacramental Worship.  It would be wonderful to have a cross section of our parish community represented at these discussions. Please contact Tracy or Amelia urgently this week if you want to volunteer for this role.


GLASTONBURY PROJECT  The PG Group and The Grant Bradley Trust have employed three new staff, all parishioners of St Patricks, to explore how to increase devotion to Our Lady of Glastonbury.  This new team, Stewart Fraser, Donald Antony and Emmanuel Edmund are working full time from a new designated office in the presbytery of St Patrick’s.

GLASTONBURY PRAYER GROUP  The team has emerged from the Youth Glastonbury Prayer Group chaired by Rebecca Musarurwa. The members are Jismon Jose, Donald Antony Stewart Fraser, Munashe Musarurwa, Jeril Laiju, Simon Crandon, Hudson Couthino Pontes, Emmanuel Edmund, Anand Jose, Paul Gaiger, Dona Gigi, Alice Cole, Noel Roy and Nirmal Varghese. They have been meeting every month for over a year as a Mission Team to develop an international outreach for prayer and fellowship to promote Glastonbury as a centre of pilgrimage and faith. Please pray for the success of this new initiative and evangelisation which is being designed to have a global impact on faith and service to the poor. Our Lady of Glastonbury: Pray for us.


ALICE COLE  Alice is secretary to The Grant Bradley Trust. One of her roles is to co-ordinate the work of the new Glastonbury Team with the PG Group and The Grant Bradley Trust.

ALTAR SERVING IN CHURCH  Canon Gregory recently received this lovely letter from Julian Joby.  If any other boy or girl would like to become an altar server please introduce yourself to our head altar server, Simon Crandon, who will assist you.

SECOND COLLECTIONS ON SUNDAY The Diocese asks us to take about 20 second collections a year for a variety of different causes and projects – eg CAFOD, Education, Youth, Priests Training, Priest Retirement, Cathedral Maintenance, Foreign Missions etc. etc. In future, we will publish the monthly second collections in advance so that people can consider how to support these good causes. There will no longer be a second collection every week as you leave the church. There will only be a second collection about 20 times a year.

THE SHORE GALLERY AND BROOKS HALL HIRE CHARGES  The parish halls are rented out at £200 per day to include all of the kitchen, crockery, cutlery and glassware.  There is a discount of 50% (i.e. £100 a day) for parishioners who have been registered on the parish register for more than six months and who have a regular direct debit/standing order or membership of the offertory scheme.


NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING FOR LIFE  On Wednesday 17th November Vigil of the Dedication of the Basilica of SS. Peter & Paul, please pray and fast for the end of abortion and euthanasia in this Country.  On this month’s Day of Prayer and Fasting for Life, we are especially asking you to fast and pray for the end of DIY abortions at home.  Please join in and invite others to join as well.

WORLD DAY OF THE POOR  The fifth World Day of the Poor is today.  Pope Francis, on the first World Day of the Poor in 2017, implored that our service to the poor, “…lead to a true encounter with the poor and a sharing that becomes a way of life.” This call to engage the poor among us as our brothers and sisters, and not to treat them as abstract, transactional relationships, reminds us of the love that Christ demonstrates for us.  Caritas Social Action Network has prepared a Novena, nine prayers to be said over nine days from Friday 5th November to Saturday 13th November.  The Novena will assist us as we seek to open ourselves to God’s grace and to hear the cry of the poor. Each of the eight days focuses on the cry of a particular group, with the final day praying for the building up of God’s kingdom of justice, love and peace.  The daily prayers include an opening antiphon, a reading from Scripture, a period of silent reflection, a prayer for the day’s focus, and a closing prayer. By this Novena, we make time to focus on God’s will as we approach the World Day of the Poor.  We open our hearts to God’s will, and through our nine days of prayer we prepare ourselves to hear and to respond to the cry of our brothers and sisters.

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT SYSTEM IN CHURCH We have two “Dona” machines in the narthex for contactless payment. If you are able to get to church, contactless payment is a secure method of paying. Your contactless payment goes directly to The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust (Reg no. 1093331) who donate £3,000 each month for the running of St. Patrick’s Parish and £2000 a month donation to St Patrick’s School. These machines raised £483 on the gate at the Fireworks night.

OFFERTORY COLLECTION COUNTERS   The Collection Counters were reinstated from the first week of October.  We welcome new Counters.  If you feel you can make this commitment for approximately 1 hour on (a)  Sunday after 10am Mass or (b) Sunday afternoon around 4pm or 5pm once a month please contact Fiona Bradley on

PARISH INCOME: THE OFFERTORY COLLECTION is taken during both 8.30am and 10.00am Sunday Masses. Please give generously.

ONLINE PAYMENT You can also donate by visiting our Dona page at:


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS                                                                        READERS
8.30am             Deacon Denis, Denise Gaiger                             Hannah Gilardoni, Helen Jones
10.00am           Deacon Rob, Munashe Musarurwa                 Youth of the Parish
Bidding Prayers            Helen Jones
8.30am          Sally Page, Eleanor Beasley-Suffolk
10.00am       Teresa Smaka, Mary Kearney-Knowles
Church Cleaners:  Team One:  Kay, Terry, Ron, Sarah & Helen
Offertory Counters: TBC
Refreshments in Shore Gallery: Come & See Group/Padua Group
Children’s Liturgy:   Caroline and Christine
DAY               TIME                                                                   OPERATOR(S)
Monday           9.00am                            Terry Coggins/Stewart Fraser – alt. weeks
Tuesday           7.30pm                                               Jobin
Wednesday     9.00am                                              Stewart Fraser
Thursday         9.00am                                              Sister Leena Mary
Friday              12 noon                                              Hudson
Friday              7.30 pm – Brazilian Mass               Hudson
Saturday          9.00am                                              Jobin/Jeffin
Sunday             10.00am                                            Jismon