It was with great shock and sadness on Thursday that we learned of the sudden death of our beloved Pat Uren who passed away in her sleep. Almost 82 years old, Pat was a familiar figure in St. Patrick’s parish for about 35 years. A qualified Nursery Nurse by profession, Pat worked in a number of Infant and Primary Schools in the city.

We offer our prayers and sympathy to her three sons: Richard, Dave, and Nick, and their wives, Allison, Sarah, and Julia, with 7 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. She was very proud of her grandson Andy, who is a fine professional rugby player playing for Bristol Bears.

Pat played the guitar and was a founding member of St. Patrick’s Music Group and continued until we were all locked down last year. She also joined the choir for several years, but her first love was The Music Group. After retiring from her last post at Whitehall School, Pat joined the parish office as a volunteer working 2 full days a week and sometimes more. She became a very valued member of the volunteers and was capable of carrying out many tasks. Her main interest was running The 300 Club which she did diligently and was very good at chasing members if they were late with their membership fees; even the parish priest didn’t get away!! She had everything organised for the Big Draw next week on 11th July!!

Pat also became a volunteer in St. Patrick’s School working with the Class Teacher, Sharon King in Reception. She brought her guitar to school, taught the children songs, and played at School Assemblies. Pat was also a member of the musicians playing at Class and School Masses. On hearing of her sudden passing one of our parents has written to say that her son, now at secondary school, remembers well Pat teaching, “Kumbaya” and “Magic Penny”. Her children always came home singing what Pat had taught them.

She was a founding member with Amelia of The Widows Society in 1993 and a current member of St. Patrick’s Women’s Group.

Pat was never off the road, or the skies or the seas!!!  She loved travelling and visited many countries, some more than once: U.S.A. (Florida, New York, North Carolina), Canada, New Zealand, Australia, more than once, India, Egypt, Croatia, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Malta, Greece, Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore, not forgetting Wales, Scotland, and Ireland!  She also enjoyed going on Cruises.

A regular at Sunday and weekday Mass and a stalwart of the parish in so many ways, she will be sadly missed.

We offer our prayers and sympathy to all her family and friends. May she rest in peace.

Written by Amelia Dunford