The Columbarium

What is a Columbarium?

The word Columbarium is Latin for dovecote. It is a final resting place for funeral urns containing the ashes of the deceased.

St Patrick’s Columbarium
St Patrick’s Church is host to a Columbarium with vaults that are contained in cabinets in the Chapel of the Resurrection. This setting is one of the most beautiful and peaceful final resting places for the remains of a loved one.

The Vaults
Each vault can hold two caskets.
Vaults cost £3,000 for a 99 year lease. The leaseholder may choose to have one or two caskets in the vault; there is no extra charge for the second casket.
The purchaser can choose which vault they would like to reserve.

Visiting the Columbarium
Family and friends are welcome to visit the Columbarium during opening hours of the church, excluding services.

Reservations and Purchases
Leases can be purchased at any time by completing an application form from St Patrick’s Church Office and can be purchased in advance. The lease will begin on the first day of inurnment of the first casket.
Please contact the parish office to arrange a viewing of the chapel and to discuss your personal requirements.

What is included in the price?
A vault of your choice
Two original wooden caskets

If you wish to make enquiries or purchase a vault, please contact Savia Rodrigues via the Parish Office 0117 9557662 for further information and an application form.

Book of Remembrance

“A Book of Remembrance was written before the Lord of those who revered Him and thought of His name.” Malachi 3:16

We would like to invite you to make an entry in our Book of Remembrance. It is a venerable custom to have the names of loved ones inscribed in the book on the date of their death or any other special anniversary. The books are a pair of leather- bound volumes of gilt parchment paper, housed in a handsome display case in St. Patrick’s Church which will provide a lasting record of your family member or friend.

Many people then visit the church to pray on their loved one’s anniversary and take the opportunity to view their name in the book. The pages are turned daily so that the names can be viewed by the congregation and priest at Mass; it is also a reminder and an aid to parishioners as they pray for our wider community.

The names are inscribed by a professional calligrapher, who is also able to add additional comments or visual designs, from flowers to saints. A few examples of the kinds of inscriptions and artwork available are displayed around this page.
The cost for an entry is:
£70 per inscription
£110 per inscription with an illustration

If you are interested in having a name added to the Book of Remembrance, please fill in the attached application form and return to the parish office along with the confirmation of payment receipt or picture. If you have any queries, please also contact the parish office.