Mass Times


If you would like to book a mass intention, please contact the parish office

1Th Saturday June10:00 – 11:30amCommunion ClassShore Gallery
12Noon – 3:00pmPreparation Meeting for Baptism (Brazilian)Shore Gallery
6:30pmSaturday MassVeronica N Onyebuchi and Sylvia Akabueze (Ifeoma Onyebuchi)
2Th Sunday June8:30amSunday MassCorpus Christi
10:00amSunday MassCorpus Christi

Joel Geo Plint ( Geo and Jiji)

1:00pm – 3:00pmSwahili MassChurch Hall
5:30pmBrazilian Mass
3Th Monday June9:00amMonday Mass
7:00pm – 10:00pmAndrew and his BandBrooks Hall
7:30pm – 10:00pmThird Meeting (Group A)Shore Gallery
7:30pm – 10:00pmAdoration of the Blessed Sacrament (Brazilian)Church
4Th Tuesday June 6:15pm – 7:00pmConfirmation prep talksShore Gallery
7:00pmTuesday Mass
5Th Wednesday June9:00amWednesday Mass
7:30pmWomen Group MeetingPauls Place
6Th Thursday June9:00amThursday Mass
7Th Friday Jun12NoonFriday Mass
7:30pmFriday Mass
8Th Saturday June10:00am – 11:30amCommunity ClassShore Gallery
10:00amPreparation for Sunday F.H.C. CelebrationBrooks Hall
12Noon – 2:45pmLittle Way OCDS CommunityShore Gallery
2:45pm – 3:30pmLittle Way OCDS CommunityChurch
6:30pmSaturday MassNelson and Edna Green (Green and Page Family)

Holly and George Pike (Curnow Family)

9Th Sunday June8:30amSunday MassMarie and Will Howie (Christine)
10:00amSunday Mass10Th Sun Ord Time

FHC Celebration

FHC Breakfast in Shore Gallery

Int. Joe Geo (Geo + Jiji)

Chacko Kuruvilla (Jose Kuruvilla)

Margaret Twoney (Curnow Family)

5:30pmBrazilian Mass
5:30pmFirst Holy Communion (Brazilian)Shore Gallery
10Th Monday June9:00amMonday MassJack King Birthday Memory (Amelia)
6:00pm – 11:00pmBristol Charity Gala
Music Concert
Brooks Hall

Concert to be hold at the Church

11Th Tuesday June6:15pm – 7:00pmConfirmation Prep TalksShore Gallery
7:00pmTuesday Mass
12Th Wednesday June9:00amWednesday Mass
13Th Thursday June9:00amThursday MassFeast of St. Anthony of Padua
14Th Friday June12Noon Friday Mass
15Th Saturday June6:30pmSaturday MassSick and Housebound
16Th Sunday June8:30amSunday MassChristopher Blackford Birthday (Blackford Family)

Will Howie Anniversary RIP (Christine)

10:00amSunday Mass11Th Sun Ord Time

Day for life

Joel Geo (Geo and Jiji)

Anila Varghese Birthday+ Thanksgiving (Thomas Varghese)

11:00am – 1:00pmPAC Choir PracticeBrooks Hall
11:30amLake Hamilton Baptism
5:30pmBrazilian Mass
17Th Monday June9:00amMonday Mass
18Th Tuesday June7:00pmTuesday MassVictoria Harangozo (Salvatorian Sister)
7:30pm – 10:00pm Brazilian Third Meeting (Group B)Shore Gallery
19Th Wednesday June9:00amWednesday MassLiving Rosary and Family
20Th Thursday June9:00amThursday Mass
21Th Friday June12Noon Friday Mass
22Th Saturday June6:30pmSaturday MassBina Moody RIP (Curnow Family)
23Th Sunday June8:30amSunday MassStella Marie McBride RIP (Stephanie McBride)
10:00amSunday Mass12Th Sun Ord Time

Bill Gage Second Anniversary (Marie and Family)

Marian Mulcahi Anniversary (Angela Loughlin)

11:00amPAC Choir PracticeChurch
5:30pmBrazilian Mass
24Th Monday June9:00amMonday MassNativity of St. John Baptist
25Th Tuesday June6:15pm – 7:00pmConfirmation Talk Shore Gallery
7:00pmTuesday Mass
26Th Wednesday June9:00amWednesday Mass
27Th Thursday June9:00amThursday Mass
28Th Friday JuneSchool Inset Day
12NoonFriday Mass
Afternoon and EveningBrazilian Community Setup for feast of St. John the BaptistBrooks Hall
29Th Saturday JuneAll DayBrazilian Community Party (Feast of St. John The Baptist) Brooks Hall + Shore Gallery
6:30pmSaturday MassMary Dineen Birthday (Curnow Family)
30Th Sunday June8:30amSunday Mass
10:00amSunday MassSS Peter and Paul
11:00amPAC Choir PracticeChurch
5:30pmBrazilian Mass
2Th Tuesday July6:15pm – 7:00pmConfirmation prep talkShore Gallery
7:00pmTuesday Mass
3Th Wednesday JulyEYFS and KSI Class MassSchool
7:30pmWomen Group
4Th Thursday JulyAll DayGeneral ElectionShore Gallery
5Th Friday July3:00pm – 9:00pmSchool DiscoBrooks Hall
6Th Saturday July10:00am – 12NoonAltar Servers TrainingChurch
12Noon – 2:45pmLittle Way Secular Community (OCDC)Shore Gallery
2:45pm – 3:30pmLittle Way Secular Community (OCDC)Church
12Noon – 7:00pmPAC Swahili EventBrooks Hall
6:30pmSaturday Mass
7Th Sunday July8:30amSunday Mass
10:00amSunday Mass14Th Sun Ord Time

Special Mass for Bristol Catenians

Gay Sullivan Anniversary (Currow Family)

Brenda Cambridge Anniversary (Currow Family)

11:00amAltar Servers Training
5:30pmBrazilian Mass
9Th Tuesday July6:15pm – 7:00pmConfirmation prep talkShore Galley
7:00pmTuesday Mass
11Th Thursday JulyFeast of St. Benedict Patron Of Europe
13Th Saturday July11:00amWeddingChurch
10:00am – 7:00pmPAC CommunityBrooks Hall
7:00am – 11:00pmWedding partyShore Gallery
6:30pmSaturday Mass
14Th Sunday July10:00amSunday Mass15Th Sun Ord Time

Sea Sunday

21Th Sunday July10:00amSunday Mass16Th Sun Ord Time
28Th Sunday July10:00amSunday Mass17Th Sun Ord Time